SKINFRéSH a sister company of Vegan Soap ZA, is an organic face and body care product range.   SKINFRéSH products contain nature’s products that nourish and feed the skin.  Skin health and SKINFRéSH products are synonymous.  SKINFRéSH started in 2018  by Sulette Stoltz.

Sulette’ grew up on a South African farm in the Limpopo region. This is where she developed an appreciation for a life that embraces all things natural. Each SKINFRéSH product provides the essential natural ingredients for all skin types.  Rigorous ingredient research produces products that feed and care for all skin types.


BWC (Beauty without cruelty) endorse all our products. Our products use only the highest quality certified plant-based ingredients. Our products are free from artificial colourants, fragrances and harsh chemicals.


“Healthy skin is glowing, radiant skin.”